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Music is Art

– Beyond the Pentagram –

as capable of expressing the interiority of the individual

Music is an important memory aid

it can serve for a wide range of transcendent and aesthetic experiences; be it a simple enjoyment or a powerful means of social cohesion

Music is the “art of sounds” through which the “feelings of the soul” are expressed.
It is another type of language that man has invented over the centuries to satisfy his ancient and current need: to communicate.

I had the pleasure and honor of photographing illustrious personalities of this noble art: from the conductor Beatrice Venezi, to the composer Bertolani Giuseppe, to the master luthiers Piagentini Fabio and Mazzei Mario … but also less known but extremely representative as Gildo dei ” Fantardi “, the storyteller, immortalized in a large stage, one of the most famous urban amphitheaters in Italy” Piazza Anfiteatro “in Lucca in Tuscany.

This reportage of over 250 shots is a journey into the world of music: from those who produce it, direct it, interpret it to those who create the means to perform it.