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Lucca – March 2023


Gps Photo Exhibition – 43.842832, 10.511407
Free entry

70 photographs – Fine Art – in black and white, large format, mounted on 60×42 panels.

All photos are accompanied by detailed captions on the photographed artist, his work and some curiosities.
It will also be possible to deepen the artistic and cultural information, free of charge, with your smartphone device, with the audio guide, which can be activated by reading the QR Code that accompanies each exhibited work

Words are not always able to tell, so it is the images that tell.
Henry Cartier Bresson claimed that taking a photograph means aligning the head, eye and heart and that it must contain the humanity of the moment.
With this series of images, Dantés expresses his desire to discover, the pleasure of telling stories, the desire to excite.
The di lui is a journey into a fascinating, enchanting world, that of artists and interpreters who create art, and of craftsmen who very often add an aesthetic value to their creations, a value that transcends their simple use.
When a craftsman goes beyond the simple creation of an object and creativity and vision take over his craft, the product of his work becomes a real work of art.
Also present in this exciting collection are farmers, breeders, fishermen who have made an art of cultivating the land, sheep farming and fishing.
In this narrative through images, the protagonists are women and men, with concentrated faces, participatory expressions, dynamic and appropriate postures and movements, hands with their fine and precise gestures that express passion, transport, dedication, enthusiasm with which they devote themselves to their businesses, some of which are in danger of disappearing.
Dantés has introduced himself silently into theatres, workshops, laboratories immortalizing women and men who know how to create from nothing with care and attention and perhaps there is nothing in the world that can give greater satisfaction.
Care, attention, inspiration that we find in Dantés’ photographs, black and white images that enhance the essentiality, authenticity, truthfulness of the story.

Raffaele Domenici