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Coming soon new Photo Exhibition

2023 Regeneration

Coming soon in Lucca 1 - 2 - 3 September 2023

Murabilia 2023 recorded more than 18,000 visits.
REGENERATION – My photographic exhibition, although included in the internal events of the event, obviously did not reach this number but the influx was intense and constant over the 3 days, certainly with no less than 10,000 visitors, I dare say they are skin numbers goose.
A heartfelt thanks to all those who visited and appreciated the exhibition, among them Francesca Marzotto Caotorta, writer, essayist, journalist and founder of the prestigious Gardenia magazine, (in the photo) the Mayor of Lucca Mario Pardini, the administrator of Lucca Create Nicola Lucchesi and many others.

The Exhibition

On the occasion of the international Murabilia September 2023 event, in the basement of the Walls of Lucca with access from the Botanical Garden, Dantès will exhibit

“Nature comes to the rescue of every abandonment and, where everything is missing, it restores itself whole, flourishes and greens again on all the ruins: it has ivy for the stones and love for men. Deep generosity of the shadow”.

This consideration by Victor Hugo in the novel The Man Who Laughs comes back to mind by observing the photographs that Dantès (Dante Luci) has collected in the fascinating Regeneration exhibition taken from the reportage “L’Occhio del Tempo” and embellished with new and unpublished shots.

Nature regenerates, and we can help ecosystems recover.

Dantès and Francesca Marzotto Caotorta