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The New Frontier of Landscape Photography

– Aerial Photography –

New stimuli for creativity with these new perspectives

For several years, aerial photography with the drone has allowed many photographers like me, who are also passionate about landscape, to express their creativity by seeking out new perspectives and new photographic ideas that only a view from above can offer.

Even the simple facade of a historic residence or a large tree such as “The Great Oak of Pinocchio” if photographed from a certain height, even from the side, shows an unprecedented perspective perfectly aligned without distortion and with pleasant lines, giving dynamism and beauty difficult to obtain with the simple snap from the ground.

The convent of the Angelo or Monastero dell’Angelo (also known as the collegiate church of San Michele or the monastery of the Angel) is a church in Lucca. The church and convent, commissioned by Duke Carlo Ludovico di Borbone for the Passionist Fathers, were built by Lorenzo Nottolini between 1827 and 1830. The architect here gave perhaps the greatest proof of his vocation for the construction of complexes in which the adherence to the forms of antiquity, mediated by the study of Renaissance models, was combined with an extraordinary sensitivity for the characteristics of the place. Convent of the Angel – View from above If in fact the white classical forms and the volumes plastered and embellished with bas-reliefs represent an exaltation of the antiquarian taste of the early nineteenth century, having been able to exploit the scenic views offered by the mountain slopes denotes a careful sensitivity in the fashion of Romanticism. This monastery is now home to a musical academy, Accademia di Montegral: