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The Eye of Time - Italian language ed. 2022

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The province of Lucca as you’ve never seen it before! Nature regaining possession of lost spaces: old houses, small churches, buildings once used for productive activities covered with plants, leaves, grass, moss. A sort of re-naturalization of otherwise precluded spaces. Places considered useless and fruitless by man are a heritage that nature is able to recycle, we could even say to regenerate: where man abandons, nature gives new life, even if at a superficial glance it may not appear so. The salvation of the world is in the wilderness, says the American philosopher Henry David Thoreau, who teaches us to live in places and not just to occupy them. As it covers stones with ivy, for Hugo, nature pours out love for men, it is their source of life. Reason to protect it more and more, instead of defacing and scarring it. The photographs of Dantès, taken in various places in the Province of Lucca, particular, original, suggestive, the result of a long and passionate research work, in addition to being appreciated for the artistic aspect, also represent a message of hope for the future with their invitation to observe the environment, love it and take care of it.