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Water is life

– The Way of the Waters –

In a not so distant future, water will be the most precious asset on earth

L’acqua è la vita

è energia, è essenziale, è una risorsa dal valore inestimabile 

Some might think that this photo and that of the “temple of the waters” were taken in some exotic overseas location. In reality we are exactly 5 km from the city walls of Lucca. It is the park of the so-called “Golden Words” where the story of the Nottolini aqueduct originates, whose construction began in 1823 and ended in 1833.

The “old snake” at the Parole d’Oro guides the waters of the Serra Vespaiata towards pools, wells, waterfalls and canals where silent stone structures reminiscent of the Mayan temples of Central America watch over.

In periods of lesser presence of water, a plaque commemorating the completion of this section of the aqueduct resurfaces from the last tank, before the bridge from the “Golden Words”: MDCCCXXX – (1830)

With these unusual perspectives and the play of lights, the first “temple” of the Nottolini aqueduct appears as the entrance to a mysterious labyrinth. The aqueduct dates back to 1823/1833, is over 4 kilometers long and carried the water of 18 springs located in the municipality of Capannori and consists of a straight line of 459 stone and brick arches 12 meters high.

Reportage of well over 150 shots, many of which are the subject of the photographic exhibition “L’Occhio del Tempo”