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One of the most prestigious historic villas in Tuscany

– Villa Reale –

History, nature, art and wonder

With my wife Daniela we had the honor and privilege of photographing this wonderful historic residence with a photo shoot of well over 500 shots.
We publish only a few because describing the beauty of this enchanted place would not be enough all 500 images and an entire book.

The visit to the Park and the Royal Villa allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderful past that has its roots in the medieval era to which the origin of the construction of the complex dates back: The buildings with their decorations, the park with its different areas and Ornamental elements visible today are the result of a series of transformations that took place over the centuries by the will of illustrious personalities and various royal dynasties.

One of the most evocative historic residences in Italy:
Villa Reale – which includes Elisa Bonaparte’s luxurious nineteenth-century house, a 16-hectare park and many historic buildings – has been restored to its former glory thanks to an unprecedented restoration project.
Located in a centuries-old park, shyly hidden behind a perimeter wall, Villa Reale in Marlia is a wonderful destination, synonymous with charm and elegance.

Saved from decay, the Villa has been open to the public since March 2020.
It is a perfect place for a visit, a true hidden gem, away from the usual tourist spots.
This extraordinary example of refined architecture and landscaping includes three villas, two neoclassical entrance buildings, 16 hectares of park, 2 chapels, a lemon house and buildings intended for stables, sawmills and services.

Surrounded by a large park, it is the result of the owners’ interventions stratified over the centuries. Already in the Lombard period (9th century) there was a fortress here inhabited by the Duke of Tuscia, then passed to the Avvocati family and later to the Buonvisi family from 1517 to 1651, after their commercial enterprise failed in 1629, requiring the sale of a large part of family properties.
Today the result of their efforts has returned to the territory one of the most beautiful villas in Italy, Tuscany and the province of Lucca. A must visit!