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Workshop schools 2024

Workshop with students

Lucca Vissi d’Arte Photographic Exhibition
Cultural space with the photographer and school children

I had the pleasure and honor of entertaining the children and teachers of the middle schools of the Castelnuovo Garfagnana comprehensive institute on a visit to my personal exhibition:
“Vissi d’Arte” Opera Omnia”
The children and classes follow one another over the days dedicated to school groups.

I learned a lot from these young people, from their questions, from their curiosities and I hope that they too may have found something to remember for the future, precisely in visiting the exhibition and listening to the “narrated” work of the people depicted who with their daily work culture and art make a nation grea

“”I don’t know if with this reportage I managed to convey the same sensations that I felt, in finding myself in those places that I would dare call “sacred”, with those extraordinary people, however, the awareness of having fixed over time a glimpse of the 21st century, with deep roots in the past.

A document for the new generations, because photographing traditions is the only way to preserve their memory.””