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Foto by Dantès

Villa Reale of Marlia

– Villa Reale 2022 –

6/13 August 2022

Dantès Photographic Exhibition at Villa Reale di Marlia 6/13 August 2022

On the occasion of:
RINASCENZE BY NIGHT – ART IN THE VILLA 2022 Art in the Villa returns to Marlia in the prestigious Villa Reale. Dantès presented the appreciated and unpublished reportage “L’Occhio del Tempo”

On August 13, 2022, the photographic exhibition “L’Occhio del Tempo” ended at Villa Reale di Marlia, which achieved great success with the public, including foreigners, who visited the Villa and the exhibition during the days of exposure and 2 nights of the “Rinascenze by Night” and 8 days of the exhibition in the prestigious rooms of the Villa.