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Italy - Tuscany - Villa Reale

– The Night Dancers –

"Les Ethérés" from the "La Vie en Rose" art school

“Les Ethérés”

Evocative lights, ethereal or colored, that crown and accompany the “travels in time and space” of these dancers

The dancers of the night during one of their spectacular performances at the Villa Reale in Lucca

Gabriella, Kedra, Frida, Denise, Elena, Sara and Angelica make up the “Les Ethérés” ballet company of the “La Vie en Rose” art school, reprized on the occasion of one of the many performances in August 2022.

This reportage made in 2022 consists of 120 photographic shots, most of which were made at night, freehand, using the characteristics of special photographic optics and a particular technique aimed at enhancing the choreography of the prestigious ballet company and the play of lights. that adorned the dresses of the dancers, all in the context of one of the most prestigious and beautiful historic villas in Italy ..

The extreme impulse of wanting to transmit and express sentiment, story, spiritual evolution, has given life to this expression of dance with the help of suggestive, ethereal or colored lights, which crown and accompany the “travels in time and space” of these dancers, who have the task, not only of performing well-organized choreographies, but of letting the air around them speak, of transmitting messages reaching the hearts of people, up to touching the Soul.

Each choreography, each color, each expression is built to tell events, stories, poems and transmit everything and even more, until the spectators feel involved in that vortex of energy, which forms all around every time this company of exhibits.

It is like a magic, which involves everyone, big and small, a mysterious force, which remains for a long time in the hearts and minds of people, leaving a trail of good, strong and delicate, which accompanies you and never leaves you, until the next meeting.