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2024 Vissi d’Arte

Personal photographic exhibition
Lucca – Doge’s Palace
Napoleon Square
From April 4 to May 12 – 2024

Opening days:

Monday Wednesday Friday
08.00 / 13.00
Tuesday and Thursday:
08.00 / 13.00 – 14.00 / 17.00
Saturday and Sunday
10.00 / 12.30 – 15.00 / 18.30

The photographer made himself available free of charge, by appointment, to accompany groups of students and visitors on this fantastic journey, telling the background and anecdotes that characterized its planning and creation.
Contact – also WhatsApp +39 349.6093206.

E-Mail –

Gps – 43.841142, 10.501647
Free entry
The place is accessible and can also be visited by people with reduced motor or sensory abilities.

100 photographs – Fine Art – black and white, large format, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm paper mounted on 60×42 panels.

The essence of the exhibition.

The complete work of the photographer Dantès (Dante Luci) on display at the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca, co-organised by the Province of Lucca with the cultural association for social promotion “Museo del Castagno” of Colognora di Pescaglia. 39 total days of exposure.

The desire to discover, the pleasure of telling stories, the desire to excite, this is the path that is proposed through the narration of the lives and works of men and women from our territory.
Over 100 fine-art black and white photographs, printed in large format, of which 40 have never been published before. A job that required years of research and unprecedented planning, a sort of photographic journey, in search of arts and professions that involve great people, undisputed masters of their art.
It is their eyes and their gaze, it is the frenzy of their hands – often immortalized deliberately in movement by the photographer’s camera – that dominate many of the shots, candid and light hands, contrasted with those experienced and sculpted by time, but all united by the perfection of a gesture performed thousands of times.

And so the photographic reportage becomes an intimate and silent dialogue between photographer and Maestro, a direct and engaging anthropological story in black and white, which allows the observer to immerse himself in real, authentic and detailed environments, to find himself face to face with stages and squares, laboratories and workshops, shops and factories, fields and valleys, docks and construction sites.
Nude, alive, tangible photography.

“”I don’t know if with this reportage I managed to convey the same sensations that I felt, in finding myself in those places that I would dare call “sacred”, with those extraordinary people, however, the awareness of having fixed over time a glimpse of the 21st century, with deep roots in the past.
A document for the new generations, because photographing traditions is the only way to preserve their memory.””

From 4 April (inauguration date) to 12 May 2024 inclusive, at Palazzo Ducale in Lucca – room of the ancient armory – which can be accessed from Piazza Napoleone or from the Cortile degli Svizzeri in the historic centre.

Also available in the exhibition room is a conference room with a loop projection of the complete work and its Backstage, with fun curiosities.

All photos are accompanied by detailed captions on the artist photographed, his work and some curiosities.

…you can see the rest of the photos in the exhibition. We are waiting for you.